Land Rover Defender breaks down in just 2 days and 167 miles

Hang on! Don't dispel your doubts on the reliability of Land Rover cars.

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JLR Salesmen: "Our cars are tech-laden, powerful, spacious, well-built and now even carry handsome and unobjectionable designs."

Customer (bored of hearing all this): "What about reliability, huh?"

JLR Salesmen (speechless and heartbroken):"."

For how many decades have we been living our loves with this preconceived notion that JLR cars aren't reliable? For a long time now. While I was on the brink of debunking those myths for myself, here is another case reported by The Fast Lane (TFL) about their long-term Land Rover Defender being succumbed to injuries in a couple of days. Wait, 48 hours and just 167 miles on the odometer.

So what exactly happened? The SUV was taken to Webster Pass in Colorado to its apt backdrop, off-road paths. They report that the vehicle took everything in its stride with ease even on the standard tires. Their company wasn't loaded to the gills but was the base model with just a few options consolidated. Following this excursion, they displaced to Keystone in Summit County to have their dinner.

Getting back inside the car, to their horror, they couldn't believe that the 'Check engine light' didn't vanish even after switching the ignition on. With the help of an On-Board Computer-2 reader and mobile phone, they found discrepancies in the air to fuel ratio for cylinders 2 and 3.

Hence, it had become vital for them to take their car to a workshop. Even after the car's issues were eschewed, the host of the channel noted a bizarre new build-up. None of those current-gen cameras were working. The people at the dealership found out that the camera module wasn't functioning as intended. Even with the assistance of an LR engineer, the problem couldn't be sorted. Following this, when the host called the service representative, he was left in unhinged mood as the latter said the check engine light is back on. New injector coils, wires and injectors were also required. Such bad news is reported to us at a time when the ill-fated division of Tata Motors is facing hard times. If this continues to happen, only God knows what will follow next.

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