- Pictured: Merdad Range Rover Highland GTC

While it may seem controversial now, the Range Rover family may be going back to it’s roots with a new two-door coupe range topper, based on the full size Range Rover. This would mean the Range Rover ‘Coupe’, would be a true halo model for the company. It would be built by JLR’s SVO division as the Range Rover ‘Coupe’ would be a bespoke, coach built model.

Land Rover chief designer, Gerry McGovern recently said at the Los Angeles Motor Show, that such a model is under consideration. He said that there is a smaller market for a two-door model (looking at you, Evoque), and they already have the Evoque convertible in the Range Rover family. The supposed ‘coupe’ Range Rover would appeal to a more exclusive market too.

The SVO division has the capacity to build such a car as it’s what the division was designed for. Look at their past projects such as the XE Project 8, which is the fastest saloon car around the Nurburgring, and the Discovery SVX. For such an exclusive model, basing it on the Range Rover Sport, Velar or the Evoque would not make sense to a buyer of such a car. Saying that, a two-door Velar would be quite an attractive looking car.

The public has already seen numerous two-door Range Rover’s since 1970, with the original model being a two-door. Of more recent times, there was the Evoque two-door, LRX concept and the Range Stormer concept which previewed the original Range Rover Sport.

There is no doubt that a coupe Range Rover would sell, but I would rather Land Rover make a SVX version of the Range Rover as that would be incredibly cool.

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