Land Rover updates the Discovery Sport and Evoque with new engines and tech

Both also get their respective special editions as well

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Celebrating the Range Rover family’s 50th anniversary, Land Rover announced a slew of significant updates to two of its mass-market vehicles: the Evoque and the Discovery Sport. As the celebrations primarily concern the Range Rover division, allow me to inform you on the updated Evoque first.

Evoque gets two new variants

The British carmaker has introduced not one by two new iterations for its baby SUV. A new top-spec trim level called the Evoque Autobiography and a new Lafayette Edition. While the former is touted to be the new flagship variant for the Evoque, the latter just offers cosmetic upgrades such as better alloys and illuminated treadplates along with a comeback of the Nolita Grey roof - a colour first seen on the Evoque First Edition.

Meanwhile, the Evoque Autobiography is deemed to offer a lot more bang for your buck. For instance, the exteriors will see a lot more blacked-out panels with copper accents. The interiors get a more upmarket feel with the introduction of premium materials such as full quilted Windsor leather upholstery and grey ash veneer. Additionally, there’s a new steering wheel which has touchscreen panels mounted on it instead of buttons, a panoramic sunroof, heated and ventilated seats and cool looking 21-inch alloys.

Engine upgrades

Under the hood, the Evoque line-up will now see a new 1.5 litre Ingenium three-cylinder engine doing duty in the base P160 variant. This is the same engine used in the P300e plug-in hybrid, except it works unassisted here to put out 160hp and 260Nm of torque. This mill will be mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox with the power being sent to the (ahem ahem)... front wheels.

Further extending the engine line-up in both the Evoque and the updated Discovery Sport are two updated four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines, featuring mild-hybrid technology. Available under the D160 and D200 nomenclature, these power mills produce 163hp and 200hp respectively while claiming to be a lot more efficient, courtesy of the 48-volt mild-hybrid technology.

Discovery Sport gets a Black Special Edition

Alongside the new engine options, the updated Discovery Sport further gets a Black Special Edition which brings a host of design enhancements. Plus, it also receives a turbocharged Ingenium petrol engine putting out 290hp. This wakes up the Sport in the Discovery Sport to propel this seven-seater SUV from 0-100kph in 7.4 seconds. Additionally, the new steering wheel from the Evoque can be found here as well.

A plethora of new technology

Both cars can now be equipped with Land Rover’s most advanced system, Pivi. Its the same system used in the new Defender and comes with a refreshed menu interface for faster access to the most popular functions.

Now, up to two phones can be connected via Bluetooth while the system further offers wireless charging as well. For the first time, the Spotify app is directly integrated into the infotainment menu. The system comes with its own data and battery as well, to minimise operational delays.

There is an all-new Cabin Air Filtration system which not only filters out harmful fine particulate matter found in cities but also allows the user to check the quality of the air in the cabin via the touchscreen.

And finally, both SUVs now come with new Advanced Driver Assistance features which comprise of the new Rear Collision Monitor and a 3D Surround Camera. While the former uses radars, primed to reduce the severity of an impact for the occupants, the latter displays the surroundings of the vehicle at speeds up to 19mph (or 31kph) easing manoeuvering through challenging terrain.

Both models are available to order with special editions trims restricted to specific countries.

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Comments (7)

  • I have tried the new Pivi Pro system and I can vouch for that fact it is much better than before.

      27 days ago
  • I'm really liking the direction JLR is heading. Earlier, their interiors didn't used have good enough technology but now it's changing and I can't be more happier!

      30 days ago
    • I second you there

      Amazing interiors, and I especially like the new infotainment system

      Looks cool to look at

        29 days ago
  • So is it like one day range rover will have FWD option.. 🤦‍♂️

      26 days ago
  • The Evoque is front wheel drive!? l didn't know.

      30 days ago