Land Rover's new Defender- Why it doesn't deserve the hate

Old Defender owners hate the new one, saying it is too plush and up scale to be a 'real defender'. Here's why that is simply not true.

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The Land Rover Defender, the new one that is, was one of the most anticipated car of the year to basically everyone who knows what Land Rover is. But when it was unveiled, Land Rover got a lot of hate for a car that was awesome, and that any other car brand would've been applauded for. But why?

The answer is in the history, just like with most things. The Land Rover Defender has long been an icon in the off-roading world, and for such a long time being out of production, the anticipation has grown and grown. There was so much pressure on Land Rover, that even if they did everything perfect, people would get mad at them. It was pretty bad, the situation that Land Rover has gotten themselves into.

That brings us to the new Defender. What's so wrong with it? Why do the owners of the old Defender hate it so much? And, the big question, what could Land Rover have done better?

The answers:

👆Firstly, I do not own any of the images above. Credit for them goes to Land Rover Canada.

Let's get to the first one. What's wrong with it and why do hard-core fans not like it?

Well, nothing really... It doesn't look like a crappy Korean hatchback, it can go places your legs can't, and it has iconic badging. That's what any normal, rational person would think. But the Land Rover Defender fan group, ironically, think differently. "Too posh, luxury, not the real thing" are all things they would say. Most of it isn't true, but some of it is. Yes, it is true that SOME models of the Defender are like the Bronco sport, sporting the styling of the off-roader, and the name, but it is really meant for dirt roads and cities. BUT, the Defender can be selected in super off-road trims, like the Defender X, with the explorer pack, is a beast, that could overtake the old Defender in less than a second. This Defender gives variety, and that is good. It means that every defender is different. Another thing that I mentioned that hard-core fans don't like is the interior. You can see it in the pictures above. The old Defender was simply a plastic box on the inside with seats made of sharp rocks. The new one, has heated and cooled leather seats, nicer materials, and climate control and basic comfort that people expect in 2021. The simple fact is, that makes it better, not worse. And considering that this is Land Rover, this is one of their basic interiors more than anything. Comparing it to the Discovery or the Range Rover, this looks like an interior from the 70's. Land Rover has to retain its comfort and luxury branding it has gotten over the years, but the durability of the Defender is still there, luxury interior or not.

So...what could Land Rover have done better? Frankly, this was out of their hands. They couldn't have done anything better. They built up their hype so high that there was nothing that would've satisfied them. Really! If it was perfect, then they would argue that it shouldn't be perfect, and that the old Defender was great because it wasn't perfect. Maybe, Land Rover should provide one that is dirt cheap, has no luxury at all and is just an off-road beast. Something where air suspension is not a thing, something that is a real tribute to the old one, by litterly being the same thing.

By the way, this thing won the 2021 MotorTrend SUV of the year, so that just says it all! It's great, and it has to much pressure on it!

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