Land Rover's 'Road Rover' EV will be road focused

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Since Jaguar Land Rover registered for the "Road Rover" name, there has been speculation on what it will mean. Now, though, company documents referring to a "medium SUV" EV have been seen.

It looks set to be part of an electric future for Land Rover with JLR's ambitious Charge and Accelerate program, designed to propel the business into future markets and counter recent losses. Starting next year, every new project in the JLR portfolio will be electric in some way. That means that an electric Land Rover range is coming.

The 'Road Rover' won't be doing this...

So this new "medium SUV" needs its own USP, and it appears that it will be Land Rover's most road-focused model ever. However, it will still have some off-road capability, certainly more than its rivals – cars like the Audi E-Tron Sportback and the upcoming Porsche Macan EV. It will sit on the JLR Modular Longitudinal Platform, a 'skateboard' platform that will be used in the new XJ.

This new car is probably the "Road Rover." However, JLR has not confirmed this project. While it seems like it's coming, no official specs have been released. It may be called the Road Rover, but it also may not.

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Comments (3)
  • I think they should resurrect Rover as a brand for electric personal luxury cars with classic names like P5, P6, etc. A new SD1 would make a great Polestar 1 competitor!

    29 days ago
  • Isn't there a Jaguar which fills this void? Why do they like to compete against each other as it confuses customers. At least do a 4wd version to make it different to the I-pace.

    30 days ago


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