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Laney Racers Bet you can't keep up with these kids. (Kids In Motorsport)

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Laney Racers Writes;

Race Weekend Recap!

#LaneyRacers had an all around amazing race weekend. Mikiah spent Friday practicing on the big track in his Cadet. He did really great following his brother around and controlling a much faster car. Saturday's practice times were spent breaking in his Kid Kart motor. During Sunday's Kid Kart race he finished 2nd in the B Class! Way to go #16L!Marek showed a lot of patience while coaching Mikiah on the big track during Friday's practice. It was great to see them working and running together. On Saturday Marek was a couple seconds off of the lead and spent his practice sessions trying new lines to gain additional speed. Sunday (game day) Marek attempted to draft as a team during qualifying without success. Even though he was driving completely alone he managed a 114.19 lap time while the leaders ran 113.3. Now that was impressive! :)During Junior Sportsman #1 Marek qualified P13 out of 21. He climbed his way to the top ten but lost a position by a nose, finishing his race in 11th.Junior Sportsman #2 Marek qualified P10 out of 19. He had a fantastic start to the race but it was red flagged (due to an accident) which required the field to do a single-file restart in their original qualifying order. Once again Marek fought to catch the leading pack, bringing in a 113.500 lap time, while the winner's best lap was .001 seconds faster. 😮 #15L was able to drive himself to an 8th Place finish! This upward momentum wouldn't be possible without the support of John Grim of CRP Racing and our killer engine built by Allison Racing Engines! Huge thank you to both!Very happy and proud with our #RacingFamily efforts this weekend. Until next time racing fans! 🏁🏁

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