- A joyride in an LAPD-patrol-car didn't go as three teen-cadets had planned.

LAPD Gets Patrol Cars Stolen - By Their Own Teenage Cadets

This For Sure DiDn't Go As Planned: Three Teenage Cadets of the LAPD Stole Patrol Cars. They Got Caught as They Crashed The Cars During Pursuit.

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Maybe they thought this had been a good idea at first. But as it turned out later on, for sure it wasn't: According to Car Throttle, which refers to a report by CNN, two male and one female member of the LAPD's cadet program stole three patrol cars and also two tasers, two radios and a bulletproof vest.

As it turned out during the LAPD's investigation, the 16-year-old female had been assigned to keep the cars in good nick. After she and the other teens, 15 and 17 years old, had purloined the patrol cars from the lot, they took them for a joyride. However, as you probably had guessed already, this didn't end well: As soon as they had been spotted by the LAPD's officers already in search for their stolen goods, the cadets took off and involved their pursuers in a wild chase during which they finally crashed the patrol cars.

But still, the big surprise followed when the LAPD took the teens in for questioning. Admittedly one cadet confessed to stealing a third patrol car which he had taken into his posession more than two weeks ago... As it turned out according to CNN, the cadets had used the signature of an LAPD sergeant who was on vacation and impersonated him to get hold of the cars.

In the end, for both the teen cadets and the LAPD their involvement in the cadet program didn't work out as planned. On its website, the LAPD's cadet program claims inter alia "to provide character-training" and "help instill discipline, leadership, academic excellence and life-skills in all youth participants". It seems like this time they fell short of their goals - LA's Police Chief Charlie Beck already announced "a top-bottom review of our cadet program".

What do you make of this? Would this whole story qualify for a "In-Honor-Of-James-May-Cock-Up"-Award? We could even have a ceremony like they did on Top Gear...

Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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