- What would you put on the front of this Lancia Stratos?

    Last chance to win Tribecoins!

    The Face-Swap competition ends tomorrow! Be sure to submit an entry!

    3w ago


    If you haven't seen the post, basically photoshop the front of one car onto the back of another. It's that simple. It shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes, and you can win 10 Tribecoins to spend on whatever you please. Just be sure to get your entry in before 7:00PM (EST).

    Read the original post for more information:


    Go win those Tribecoins so you can give John Coleman some "That's Pants" badges!

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    Comments (7)

    • I dont have any rendering thing and i am bad at this kinda stuff

        24 days ago
      • You can search up on google ‘pixlr’ it’s really good and it’s free. Lukas shepherd uses it for his renderings

          24 days ago
      • i see. Thanks toby!

          24 days ago
    • I will try, though I probably won’t be able to find time...

        25 days ago
    • Like Dave from storage wars series would say "Yeap!"

        25 days ago


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