Last Forzatography Post of the Decade!

1y ago
- Untitled - The livery here I wanted to show because this is the new Bi Pride Livery I shared. More design onto the car than the Challenger because I wanted to go a step higher and add a reason to download it. Plus the two tone paint is the flag too!
- New Toy - I haven't done a miniature style picture is a long time. Well done on a 488 Pista! This was taken when the new Bi Pride livery was in it's infancy.
- Pop's Camaro - It's obvious this was going to be made. NFS Heat is out and the Camaro is already well known in the community. It's surprisingly stable for the tune I gave it! This is very much shared! Take a guess what are the keywords, a wild guess!
- Making Rounds - At dusk, tesing a rally car, all dirt. Bring it! Another shared livery (Rally VW) in an action shot made to look like like the day is just ending.
- Soon - An I.D. R sitting inside plotting it's next race. Had to add contrast to make it look as realistic as possible lighting wise.
- Untitled (It oughta be "Oh so you're approaching me?") - This was taken inside a Tomcat livestream in one of his open lobbies. I had plenty of fun in there and would definitely do another one in the future. The livery is also shared. (Dragon tear)
- Blast Off - Showing the goods of a livery I made back in FH3 actually. I wanted a GTAM livery that was very nice one the eyes. This is also shared as GTAM Racer.
- Fully Presented - Needed a vintage photo at some point. This is a fun car to drive around, ludacris, but fun!
- Yellow 918 - Make an S2 class rally series on Porsche, include both dirt and road races, and add a pissed of New Englander who's getting tired of Playground Games doing that and you get this! Plus they should have put the OEM yellow in the game.
- Hi! - OwO what's this? A shared, sinful livery of what it would be like if there was a touring car that was sponsered by the website. The livery is in two versions that are with and without manufacturer decals because race car. The site is
- Low N' Go - SLOOW RIIDE, TAKE IT EEEEASY! I went for the lowrider look and it works! I put drag tires because I wanted the sides of the tires to be rounder, doesn't work too well on races unless you drag race.
- Toy Time - The wing fell off and I had to take a shot of it because it needs to be an option! This is also my last Lego FH4 shot as well.
- Knucklebuster - I imitated the knucklebusters M3 from the one time Hoonigan show (of the same name). This livery is shared like the Evora and the Challenger.
- Best Spot - Love seeing my Mustang from my first time on the game here! Peeking out the boathouse. As it snows.
- Farm Rush - I had found out that one wheel comes up when you accelerate with the Track-Tor. I also needed that blur!
- Two Worlds - This was a photo most people wouldn't think of taking (hence the name). I don't like how slidey the GTO was when it came out and having aero to keep it under control, really? The 0-60 doesn't even match what you can actually do.
- Lotus Sport - This livery became popular very fast and it's easy to tell why, it's one of the more complex liveries I'd done up to that point. The top strip and its fade highlights, the side stripes looking like they flow from side to side.
- Asexual Pride - The first Lego picture I have in FH4 and it is also the only livery I made on it too. This also was on Gay Pride Month but I was cutting it close if I remember it correctly. On the hood just beneath the nubs is the asexual pride flag.
- Bi Pride 2 - I had to give a front view of the car as well. It was brighter as well as to give a better look at the color.
- Bi Pride - This had to come back here in a way! I made a post on it for Gay Pride Month (June). Notice the cat on the back.
- The Royal Mile - I got this Chevelle on it's first week in June and the fact alone the econdary color does put a stripe on the car looked really nice!

I haven't done one in months yet it feels more like a year! So let's go and have at it then!

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