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We asked Clemsie McKenzie to help us celebrate hitting 2 million views by designing us a Late Braking Formula 1 car. We wanted something simple using our colours of white and bright green, but apart from that we let Clemsie work his magic.

I'll think you agree that it looks pretty damn cool and it very much brings the legend of Brawn GP into the current era of Formula 1. Clemsie has done a fantastic job.

If you want to see more amazing cars then make sure to follow Clemsie's Tribe, SQUARE CARS and follow his Twitter account @ClemsieMcKenzie. His latest design may well be my favourite:

We want to say thank you once again for helping our Tribe hit 2 million views, we are beyond proud of it! Here's to the next million, maybe by then we will have a real F1 car...

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