After an enforced one week break (thanks Playstation Network), the Late Braking Online Racing League was back in style as we headed to Bahrain for Round 5. Going into the race defending champion khanz007 had the championship lead, but his absence meant a serious chance to go ahead for the likes of J_GHOSTS_400 and Seasor_tpain.

Qualifying provided an enticing mix of those going out on supersoft tyres and those trying to make a 1-stop work on the softs. It was jackhicky17 who showed pace early on as he went fastest, he went largely unchallenged in the first half of the session as only CharliX67 got within half a second of him.

With about five minutes to go, there were plenty of drivers struggling who would usually find themselves near the top of the leaderboard. Track limits cost Seasor_tpain two good laps, J_GHOSTS was yet to set a time, and hepuliboy1 sat 7th, albeit on soft tyres. One driver who could be happy was Mrpsychosane who moved into second on the soft tyres.

In the closing minutes, the chasing pack attempted to catch up to jackhicky17 with little success. CharliX67 improved his lap time and retook second place, but a few tenths off the pace. Djmarshall903 slotted into 3rd following a good lap, dropping Mrpsychosane to P4, but on that alternate strategy.

Seasor_tpain finally put a lap together on the soft tyres and P5 put him a decent position for the race. Meanwhile, the McLaren guys really struggled to get anything going. J_GHOSTS and Hepuliboy1 start the race 10th and 11th respectively.

The start of the race was clean for jackhicky17 as he led the guys away on the first lap, CharliX67 was also clean and remained P2, but it waa a tough start for Djmarshall as he dropped two places to Mrpsychosane and Seasor_tpain. Hepuliboy enjoyed a fantastic start to the race as he found himself P6 after just two laps.

Mrpsychosane's promising race was heavily compromised after he picked up damage and conceded P3 to Seasor_tpain. He soon lost two more positions as his struggles continued. He was fairing better than Charli though, after a great quali and start, he spun on Turn 12 and plummeted down the field.

J_GHOSTS was starting to cut through the field and got his way past his teammate Hepuliboy1 for 4th place. This soon became P2 when jackhicky17 and djmarshall pitted for the first of their two stops. Seasor_tpain now led the race and extended his advantage thanks to the two McLarens continuing to duel behind him.

The one-stoppers started to make their stops and as a result jackhicky17 retook the lead but his advantage to Seasor behind him was just 7 seconds, meaning his chances of catching back up to him following another pitstop were slim. The McLarens continued to fight between themselves and it soon became evident that the position would probably be for a spot on the podium.

Jackhicky17 made his second stop and set about catching the McLaren guys in P2 and P3. Djmarshall also stopped for a second time and came out in P7. Behind one-stopping Gillzo_46 (P5) and Mrpsychosane (P6).

The gap to P3 was about 8.5 seconds for Hicky but this was eradicated in little time as he caught up to them with about 5 laps to go. Getting past the two McLarens would be another thing entirely though, as they fought hard to keep their positions.

It came down to the final lap with J_GHOSTS narrowly ahead of hepuliboy1 with jackhicky17 in P4. jackhicky went for it all going into turn 1 of that last lap and managed to take both positions in just one corner.

Out front, Seasor_tpain had nailed his strategy and he was rewarded with his second win of the season and the championship lead heading into round 6. jackhicky17 came home second with a penalty costing J_GHOSTS as he finished 4th behind Hepuliboy1 in third. After starting last, Gillzo_46 came home in 5th, ahead of MrPsychosane in 6th.

Djmarshall couldn't quite make the two stop work as he finished P7. Then came Charli in P8. Purplepetrol13 came home in 9th for two points with Johannes1506 in 10th.

Make sure to check out the standings below. Next week we are in Germany, make sure to join us!



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