Late Braking Online Racing Season 2: Round 6

Hockenheim is host of Round 6. Check out the video here!

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For extended highlights of Round 6 in the Late Braking Online Racing League, check out the video below. Read ahead for a review of the race.

For the first time this season, we had a circuit that didn't appear during season 1. Hockenheim hosted the first ever German Grand Prix in the Late Braking Online Racing League, but how would the guys tackle the track?

Qualifying proved to be an interesting mixture with some drivers opting for pace over strategy by setting their times on the softest Ultrasoft tyre, with others thinking tactically by going on the soft and even the medium tyres. The early pace was set by the McLaren duo of J_GHOSTS_400 and hepuliboy1 with the former narrowly ahead as he hunted down a third pole of the year.

J_GHOSTS improved his time further out front, meanwhile CharliX67 put himself in a good position as he split the Macca boys in P2. Those trying a different strategy included Rikki1690 and jackhicky17 who went 4th and 5th respectively on the softs. Championship leader Seasor_tpain was going for the mediums but they only landed him 10th with four minutes to go.

Hepuliboy1 went back ahead of CharliX67 and Khanz007 slotted in behind them in P4. Seasor_tpain abandoned the mediums and went for the softs and was rewarded as he got into P6.

A few improvements came as the chequered flag fell. Maina29051992 put in a lap that was good for P4 on the grid and Gillzo_46 had his first top 10 start of the season in 7th. CharliX67 improved his time again, but he could only achieve P3 as J_GHOSTS_400 secured pole number 3 of the season, starting just ahead of his teammate.

The first lap featured the usual trials and tribulations, but the top four came away unscathed as they maintained their positions. Further back, the likes of Khanz007 and Gillzo_46 weren't so lucky as the two of them collided going into turn 2, dropping them down the field. Seasor_tpain could be very happy with his start as he finished the first lap in 5th, ahead of everyone else on the same strategy.

Lap 3 saw Seasor_tpain make his move as he got past Maina29051992 for P4 and then set his sights on CharliX67 and hepuliboy1 ahead. Ultimately Seasor advanced to P2 and both Charli and Hepuliboy1 lost out as they dropped to P6 and P7. Maina then went into the pits, leaving Rikki in P3 and jackhicky17 in P4.

The ultrasoft tyres of J_GHOSTS wore quickly and as a result he dived into the pits, giving Seasor the lead. Rikki was close behind though and a battle much like the one they had in Australia emerged. Seasor_tpain just about kept the place and it prompted Rikki to change strategy as he came in earlier than expected.

The other soft tyre runners completed their first runs, the pit stops put Mrpsychosane in the lead as he was yet to stop on the medium tyres he started with, J_GHOSTS was promoted to second (with one stop remaining) and Seasor came out in P4, behind Rikki.

On much fresher tyres, Rikki was powerless to stop Seasor_tpain taking 3rd place from him. Mr Psychosane eventually took his pitstop and rejoined in P6. Lap 21 and J_GHOSTS came in for stop number two. He came out in P5 and it was just a question of how many positions he could make up on better tyres.

The battle for the lead was again between Seasor and Rikki1690 with Seasor attempting to hold the Haas driver off. The two were very close going into P2 and unfortunate lag brought the two of them together as Rikki spun off into the barriers and into retirement. Seasor came out of the incident unharmed.

J_GHOSTS was very quickly catching jackhicky17 in what was turning out to be the battle for P2. J_GHOSTS got very close to the back of him before a virtual safety car halted his progress. Mrpsychosane decided to take a gamble and came in for the ultrasoft tyres as he rejoined in P6.

The battle for P2 raged on but jackhicky17 couldn't keep him behind as he surrendered P2. J_GHOSTS would now turn his attention to Seasor in the lead of the race, but having racked up a number of penalties a win seemed out of the question.

Mr Psychosane continued to make progress on new tyres. He got himself in a great fight between the recovering Khanz007 and Maina29051992 over P4. Khanz007 narrowly held the position and with Psychosane's tyres fading towards the end, that's how it remained with Psychosane in P5 and Maina P6.

J_GHOSTS's fears were confirmed out front as he failed to catch Seasor_tpain who won the German Grand Prix, his third win of the season. The victory takes him 17 points ahead of his nearest challenger J_GHOSTS who did finish P2. jackhicky17 secured his second podium in a row with P3.

The remainder of the points finishers were NelesB54 in 7th (his first points of the season), Djmarshall903 in 8th with CharliX67 and hepuliboy1 in 9th and 10th. A long way off where they started the race.

Round 7 takes place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. Join me for the review of the race next week. Until then, check out standings and results below!

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