Latest GT Sport circuit will see you racing in the south of France

22w ago


It seemed like GT Sport was going to get a new circuit and developer Polyphony Digital has now confirmed that is the case as part of a short teaser video published on its official Twitter.

Though the clip is too short to lock down exactly which circuit will feature, assuming it is even based on a real-life one, the accompanying words say: "In the Provence region of France..."

There is also a hashtag that says to expect the update in July, 2018, as previously rumoured, which means the wait will be a relatively short one.

What clues can be garnered from the clip? Well, the bridge you see rules out a number of areas of the Provence region such as Lac de Saint-Croix, which suggests it could be a fantasy creation and not, for instance, the return of the Circuit de la Sierra.

No doubt Polyphony Digital will release other teaser clips, as well as details of what else to expect, before the update arrives so stay tuned for more.

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  • Rumours saying it might be track path editor

    5 months ago
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