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Latest news on Richard Hammond's CRASH including video and Grand Tour statement

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Video of the car going off the road

Grand Tour statement

Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash after completing the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland in a Rimac Concept One, an electric super car built in Croatia, during filming for The Grand Tour Season 2 on Amazon Prime, but very fortunately suffered no serious injury.

Richard was conscious and talking and climbed out of the car himself before the vehicle burst into flames. He was flown by Air Ambulance to hospital in St Gallen to be checked over revealing a fracture to his knee.

Nobody else was in the car or involved in the accident, and we’d like to thank the paramedics on site for their swift response.

The cause of the crash is unknown and is being investigated.

Source: Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter

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  • Saw this pop up on a new post, immediately i think "for christ sake hamsters binned another car" only to see this was from 11 months ago when he last crashed.

    7 months ago
  • Richard, I'm glad to see you back driving and walking around. Try not to let the accident affect you more than it should, you are a pro and you know these are part of the game you play, syill be wary.

    11 months ago
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