Latest Round Up, BMW Mwhat?!? Part 2

Round up from the last few weeks, my latest thoughts on recent news

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another edition of SMB!

Daytona and Bathurst have come and gone already this year, and it’s only the beginning of #F1UnveilingSeason and so I wanted to recap some of those events and share some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Firstly, Daytona 24hr was a bit of a “meh” race in my opinion. I felt as if there was a fair bit of hype surrounding the race that went by the wayside. Joest Mazda was supposed to make a huge comeback but it seems like something out of Joest’s hands (perhaps AER on at least one occasion) let them down. Acura had the same aura going about them this year as well, only to flounder in the mid to late stages of the race. Finally, the rain put a damper (sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one) on the last quarter of the race, with 5 of the last 7 or so hours being under red flag, and ultimately ending there. I suppose the only good thing about the race was Alonso’s fantastic final stint to overtake former F1 competitor Flippe Nasr to the red and checkered flags.

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What do you think? What should BMW designate as their next GT3 car? How was the Rolex and Bathurst races for you?

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