Latvia RX 2017: The best photos

4y ago
- What makes the wonderful Latvian scenery even more wonderful? RX! Credits: EKS
- The famous jump. Let's begin with some jumping EKS cars when the track was dry. Mattias Ekström. Credits: EKS
- A jumping Nico Müller. The Swiss had a great weekend -his second ever RX round in fact-, he even managed to get into the final! We predict somerallycross future for Nico! Credits: EKS
- Kristoffersson in the air as well. Credits:
- Topi Heikkinen, the overnight leader. WHAT A JUMP! A real FLYING FINN! Credits: EKS
- The rainstorm arrived, CsuCsu and Duval battling... Credits:
- Ken Block in the massive rain. Credits:
- Duval floating. Credits:
- One half of the EKS drivers getting ready. Credits: FIAWorldRallycorss.cOne
- One of the local heroes, Reinis Nitiss' final preparations before the next race. Credits: EKS
- Nitiss vs Bakkerud. Credits:
- Mattias in the wet. Credits: EKS
- Beautiful track and atmosphere. Credits:
- Beautiful track and atmosphere pt.2 Credits:
- Loeb communicating with his crew. Credits:
- Nico Müller had a great weekend in Latvia. Credits:
- FIA President Mr. Jean Todt also attended the Latvia RX. He greeted Sebastien Loeb. Credits:
- A group photo with the President. Credits:
- Lights out in the final! Credits:
- Kristoffersson leads, the other local hero Baumanis had a fantastic start and came out third from the first couple of corners! Credits:
- A new Champion has been crowned! Johan Kristoffersson, the FIA World Rallycross Champion of 2017!
- What a celebration! Credits:
- YES! Credits:
- The podium finishers. Kristoffersson P1, Ekström P2, last year's winner Loeb P3.
- The successor. And we can be sure that that trophy is going for a very special place! Credits:
- The man who literally dominated the season. Credits:
- The new World Champion. Congratulations! Credits:
- The TOP 3 before facing the press. Next stop is Estering, Germany! Credits:

JOHAN KRISTOFFERSSON WON THE LATVIA RX, AND HE IS THE 2017 WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPION AS WELL! The Swede is doing an amazing job since round 2 in Portugal, as he finished every event on the podium since then. From the weekend in Hell, Norway, he is in an unbelievable and unstoppable form, and by winning the Latvia RX, he crossed the line first for the fifth consecutive time, which is of course an absolute record! Very well done to Johan and PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team, as they also secured the Constructors' Championship! After Mattias Ekström became Sweden's first FIA World Rallycross Champion last year, again there is a Swedish guy on the top of rallycross. In our Post-RX photo gallery we show you the best photos from the Latvia RX, and from the captions you can read the report. Kristoffersson P1, Ekström P2, Loeb P3. The Monster Energy Supercharge Award was won by Mattias Ekström this time. Due to an unfortunate accident in Semi-Final 2, the team boss of the Constructors' Champion PSRX team, Petter Solberg suffered a broken collarbone. In the name of the whole Drivetribe community we wish him a speedy recovery!

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  • i didnt atend last year, but i did this year and it was something impressive. Feel proud of another FIA Champuionship hapening in our country, btw Todt visit was also talks about WRC comming here.

      3 years ago