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Launch control dust storm in a Porsche Turbo S

Watch the dust fly using the coolest feature of the Porsche Turbo S

1y ago


The 991 Porsche 911 Turbo S has a very cool Launch Control feature. Not only is the 911 supercar super-quick, Porsche have engineered the launch feature to be super reliable. That is, when it is driven on the road.

Not many Turbo S drivers would do this do their prized 911 but pro driver BJ Baldwin has a different idea. Let's say he is not concerned about a bit of dust and dirt on his 911.

@bjbaldwin Instagram

@bjbaldwin Instagram

In the video below from his @bjbaldwin Instagram, watch how the seven-time desert racing champion and a two-time Baja 1,000 champion launches the Turbo S. Not on a race track or a back road but on the surface of a dry lake in Nevada.

Porsche Turbo S eats the dust!


Video credit @bjbaldwin Instagram

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  • Love launch control. My new car has it but is it just me thinking how are you ever going to get that dust cleaned off. I mean.. it must be everywhere!!

      1 year ago