- T​he blue one is definitely a favorite!

L​azy Sunday Lambo: Miura

A​ quick glance at the SV and Jota SVR.

1y ago

The Lamborghini Miura seems to have been rising in popularity, in recent years. I know that before a few years ago, I’d seen one on YouTube, along with a DeTomasso Pantera and I liked them. These Kyosho pieces have been around for several years. I came across them for a decent price and snagged them on eBay.

The SV in red and the SVR in blue both sport really nice details, especially the tail lights. I’ll say that I prefer the blue one and the wheels on it look great, deep dished in the rear.

Here are a few shots of them getting ready to run with some fast company. I hope you enjoy! (:

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