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HE: Ricciardo (vs pretty much anyone). The man just doesn't wait to overtake! Some of his overtakes genuinely frightened me because I never thought he was going make the corner but he does, and all pretty calmly too. Can't beat it.

BH: Pierre Gasly (vs Wehrlein) – Whilst Hamilton and Ricciardo made some decent overtakes as they carved their way through the field, a lot of these were just down having a superior car. Gasly’s overtake on Wehrlein was composed and clinically done, definitely his best race so far.

SS: Hamilton vs the entire grid – Starting from the pit-lane is never easy and so managing to slice his way up to finish 4th and finishing only a second behind 3rd in a car which we know is awful at chasing was just awesome to watch.


HE: Fernando Alonso - It was a typically ballsy drive from Alonso, had he some more grunt going up the hill at the restart he may well have been one place further ahead as I think he was faster than Felipe in the Williams. Nonetheless it showed Alonso's class and that the Macca chassis at least is decent.

BH: Lewis Hamilton – P4 was a very impressive effort from Hamilton. Sure, he was helped by the early safety car and the new parts on his car, but he got everything he could out of the race. Whilst his spin on qualifying was very uncharacteristic, it says a lot about him that it happened after the championship has already been secured.

SS: Fernando Alonso – Somehow, he managed to keep that awful car in front of a Force India and right up the chuff of Massa’s Williams! The man can pull performances out of absolutely anything and he managed to outdrive that little car once again today.


HE: Valtteri Bottas - He should've capitalised on his teammate's incident in quail, and taken the win on Sunday. Unfortunately he did not nail the start and then spent the afternoon staring at the back of the Ferrari gearbox whilst his teammate flew up behind him from stone dead last.

BH: Lance Stroll – The main thing we’ve learnt from Stroll’s rookie season is that he’s hit or miss but tends to miss a bit more than he hits. After yet another Q1 exit on Saturday, Stroll failed to make any sort of impact on the race. Whereas Massa was out fighting for valuable points, Maple Man was nowhere to be seen.

SS: Lance Stroll – Have to agree with Benjamin here, I honestly just don’t think he has what it takes anymore, and if he does then we are still so far away from seeing anything that shows proper consistent F1 needed form. The Maple Man got stuck in the syrup.


HE: Felipe Massa - Massa was in 2008 form. Spurred on by his fans at his last home race, he put in a stellar effort to keep Fernando Alonso behind him all afternoon - which is no mean feat. Massa certainly showed his younger teammate how to drive...

BH: Felipe Massa – Great performances by Hamilton and Vettel but I’m going to give it to Massa. Not out of sentiment either, he truly deserved it after his performance. It’s easy to say that passing Alonso was easy but neither of the Renaults or Perez could get it done. He came under a lot of pressure at the end but held on, which the fans absolutely loved.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – He showed today why he is a 4X world champ and that was all that’s needed. I think he loved pushing the whole race and overtaking as much as he could with no risk involved. Such a fun race to watch.


HE: I love Interlagos. This year's race wasn't the best there has been there but it was undeniably enjoyable. Ricciardo and Hamilton's comeback was interesting to watch. Massa and Alonso's drives were notable great performances. Vettel won his race in a Prost like manner, doing just enough to stay ahead - and only further emphasises that Ferrari and Seb threw away the title this year. Only one race left which makes me mega sad, where does the season go?

BH: I have to say that Interlagos is one of my top circuits on the calendar. This edition wasn’t the most exciting GP we’ve seen at the circuit, but still ranks in the top half of races this year. Great result for Vettel, it’s a shame that it’s come too late, and nice recovery drives from both Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton. Felipe Massa drove well and got the emotional (second) sendoff he deserved, oh, and Esteban Ocon finally retired. Lastly, whilst I love the GP itself, a bigger effort must be made in terms of security in and around the circuit. Incidents like Saturday simply should not and can not happen.

SS: It appears as though a really fun and diverse race weekend has been over shadowed by another rubbish security incident that we hear about way more than we should. This isn’t the first time F1 officials have been held at gunpoint or robbed but we need to all make sure it is the last. It is a world sport dealing with all cultures, climates and economies in sometimes what can be trying and difficult political, religious and financial situations. The sport needs to be doing more to support, assist and protect.

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