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HE: Vettel (vs Massa) - making up for his clumsy first corner, Vettel needed to get past slower cars ASAP. His Late Braking move on Massa was brave. Massa certainly squeezed him off the track, and while some may argue that it should've been penalised I thought it was a great bit of action.

BH: Lewis Hamilton (vs Alonso) – It’s very rare that we actually get to see Lewis Hamilton do a lot of overtaking, such is the dominance of the Merc, but his battle with Alonso was brilliant to watch. Hamilton’s overtake was clinical, Alonso’s defence was stellar and it’s such a shame that this doesn’t happen more with these two.

SS: Lewis Hamilton (vs Alonso) – How can it not be this move? Corner after corner, pushing each other to do anything they could to take the position. Two of the all-time greats fighting wheel to wheel and I loved it.


HE: Kevin Magnussen - K.Mag drove the Haas way beyond where it was prepared to be. For once we saw a controlled Magnussen and he certainly showed Grosjean how to peddle fast. Long may that kind of form continue for Kev.

BH: Kevin Magnussen – A few contenders for this one, but I thought K Mag did an excellent job in the Haas. Saturday’s qualifying proved that this was far from Haas’ best circuit, yet despite this Magnussen still claimed two valuable points on raceday. This means that the American team are now on the heels of Renault with just two races to go.

SS: Lance Stroll – The Mapleman does seem to have a very up and down season currently. Huge peaks and troughs but he out drove his teammate by a huge margin here and was comfortably fighting the Force India’s and punching well above that Williams’ usual racing spot.


HE: Romain Grosjean - Bit predictable but, as I said, he was shown the door by his teammate. Grosjean's head has definitely dropped in my view which is a huge shame for such a promising talent. He spent most of his race near the back unfortunately.

BH: Romain Grosjean – Whilst Magnussen’s defensive work was solid, Grosjean’s afternoon was spent playing the role of a stationary obstacle. The Haas was relatively uncompetitive, but there were a few opportunities for Grosjean to get stuck in and he seemed reluctant to do so. The 5 second time penalty was the icing on the grey and grey cake.

SS: Felipe Massa – On the other hand, Massa was nowhere this weekend, although defending well against some of the front runners he did not achieve anything and fell below a lot of teams which simply shouldn’t be beating him. Poor from the man who should retire.


HE: Maxy Verstap - He took the lead with a bold move at Turn 1 and then never looked back. One of the most dominant displays all season from the young Dutchman. Nice stuff.

BH: Lance Stroll – Very close between him and Ocon but decided to go for Mapleman on this occasion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stroll’s season has been very inconsistent with plenty of bad performances thrown in with some signs of promise, Mexico City was definitely a hit though. He managed to beat one Force India and very nearly beat the other.

SS: Esetban Ocon – Once again he drove out of his socks and had a stellar race. He beat his teammate at his home GP and was pretty much the best of the rest after the top 3 teams. The boy is coming along in leaps and bounds and I can’t wait to see what he can bring to the track in future years.


HE: The championship is well and truly over and we have a deserving four times champion in the shape of Lewis Hamilton. The race was certainly spiced up by the Turn 3 incident and it was better than average but no more than that. Verstappen was blinding, the Renault engine had a terrible day, Ocon and Stroll showed their promise and it was so so so good to see a brief scrap between Alonso and Hamilton. We have missed that.

BH: If you listen closely, you can hear a rather fat lady singing in the background. In other words, the championship battle is over for another season and Hamilton wins title number 4. It feels weird crowning him as champion after his worst result of the season, but he has been the quickest and most consistent driver of the season, Hamilton fully deserves what he’s achieved. The race itself was decent without being spectacular. It’s very annoying how the circuit only has one sector where overtakes can actually be made and is perhaps a consideration that needs to be addressed.

SS: HAM wins, we see an all-time great completely created and embodied and maybe now he will sit back for the last remaining to races. I love Mexico, the people are incredible but the track can be dull. We had some lovely fighting and that is what we all want more of. The real question that I have left this weekend asking is, are McLaren really better off on reliability with Renault?

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