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A​ concours condition 1966 275 GTB Series I "Short Nose" at "Ground Zero"

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More than the revered 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, the 275 Grand Touring Berlinetta was the true successor the legendary 250 GTO. But where the 250 GTO was basically a street-legal racecar the 275 GTB was a true “Grand Tourer”--with considerable (and appreciated) driver and driving accommodations and accouterments and refinements.

The 275 GTB Series I (shown here in signature Giallo ‘Fly Yellow’) provided a styling evolution from the 250 GTO with many of the Omolagato’s greenhouse and quarter-panel design language massaged into a more refined (and slightly elongated) form.

This refined-design coupé body was penned by Pininfarina and manufactured by Scaglietti. The standard 275 GTB body was fabricated in steel with aluminum alloy doors, hood and trunk lid. (Approx 72 “superleggera” spec cars were built with an optional lightweight all-aluminum body)

Providing thrust for the 275 Series I was a SOHC 3.3.liter “Colombo” 60º V-12 producing he 275 GTB used a double overhead cam 3.3 litre Colombo-designed 60º V-12 engine designated Tipo 213.producing 260-320 noir stallions.

The underpinnings of the 275 included a conventional “ladder” style frame constructed from oval section tubes. Ferrari’s racing developments were employed in the 275’s suspension—with double-wishbones at all four corners (with Koni dampeners and coil springs). This independent suspension was a first for Ferrari road cars. Dunlop disks provided the 275’s stopping power.

The end result of all of the aforementioned components and design was an automotive synergy that resulted in 275GTB being universally acclaimed as one of the finest and most desirable of all Ferraris—always mentioned in Top 10 and Top 5 lists compiled by the cognoscenti. 275 GTBs have graced the collections of celebrities and car aficionados alike.

The 275 GTB Series I shown here (replete with Boranni wires option) is one of the finest examples of this most sought-after Ferrari model and as you can see, manages to grace its setting with magnetic style and presence.

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