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Le Mans Classic cancelled

Another titan has fallen! Despite hopes in this open air programme, the organisers could not guarantee the public health requirements(or the style)

2w ago

Due to the Covid-19 related uncertainties, the organisers of the event (Peter Auto and the Automobile Club de l’Ouest) were forced to cancel (by they terms postpone) once again the tenth edition of Le Mans Classic to July 2022. With this, the organisers wanted avoid a miniature of the event without the 200,000 spectators, the clubs, villages, and activities. In exchange, they now plan to organise a smaller event at the Bugatti Circuit (the smaller race circuit of Le Mans) for the 3-4 July 2021.

There is also another new event in the calendar, the Nogaro Classics to be held at the Nogaro Circuit in France on 23-25 July 2021.

This dashes hopes for the summer open space events, where we hoped to revisit at least some open air programmes. Most exhibitions using halls are out of the question for this year already.

A few weeks go, I wrote that my hopes rest with the open air events of the summer. Unfortunately this year seems like another total wash-up with only a handful of major car shows left to be organised.

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