League of Extraordinary GENTLEMEN - The Nautilus Car

2y ago


Released in 2003 and set in an alternate version of the late 19th Century, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is based on a comic of the same name and is a story revolving around an odd assortment of fictional Victorian characters who join up to foil “The Fantom” who is trying to start a World War.

The Nautilus Car was designed by Carol Spier and was entirely custom made for the production. The chassis is from a Land Rover Fire Tender. A fibreglass body was then added and a steel sub frame then constructed in the engine bay to house its Rover V8 engine. Six wheels, measuring 28 inches (72 cm) in diameter, in the Tyrell F1 layout: two axles up front that steer, one at the rear. The whole car also raises and lowers itself in spectacular style via a powerful hydraulic system.

I'm fairly sure that the car is simply dreadful to drive but it is a beautiful behemoth of a machine designed simply to draw the eye. Whilst fully functional the car is not road legal and comes with four seats and a large boot (maybe even a good warranty, who knows?).

No one can deny the car's beauty and stunning craftsmanship, adorned with models of Ganesha and elephants, capturing the very essence of Captain Nemo. Except there is one thing that Nemo would not agree with and that is the V8 used to power it. You see, Captain Nemo is a huge fan of electricity and his whole submarine is electric, consider him the Elon Musk of the late 1800s, something I'm sure Mr Clarkson would not agree with him on.

"There's a powerful, obedient, swift, and effortless force that can be bent to any use and which reigns supreme aboard my vessel. It does everything. It lights me, it warms me, it's the soul of my mechanical equipment. This force is electricity."

Captain Nemo