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Leaked! 2020 Toyota Supra first look

Caught in transport

1y ago


And here it is compared to the FT-1

What's the big deal anyway

Supra is a loooooong awaited successor to Toyota's greatest sports car ever, the um... Supra, which was seen last on market in 2002. It was so good, a good one today will still cost you more than this new one.

The upcoming Supra will be the result of a BMW-Toyota collaboration first announced in 2012. The two companies are working together on engines and lithium-ion batteries, and this rear-wheel drive sports-car platform. In addition to the Supra, this platform is underpinning the latest Z4, which came out just recently.

However, don't judge Supra by the Z4 reviews, because these two cars are not identical twins. Z4 is a roadster tuned for more relaxing driving, while the Supra is more of a hard-core sports-car.

And if I may say, the leak is very close to what the Supra was imagined in the renders from September

So, how does it drive

Well, take a look:


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  • If it looks anything like that I'll try climb the shard

      1 year ago


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