Leaked Images Show More Proof That There Will Be A Mid-Engined Corvette

As if the spy shots haven't given it away yet

3y ago

If you haven't seen the drone spy shots of the upcoming mid-engined Corvette, the one that General Motors still claims that it doesn't exist, we suggest you head on over to this post and check out the obvious proportions.

Now there's more photographic proof, this time they are leaked images coming straight from the Corvette manufacturing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. You know, the same plant that is no longer doing manufacturing tours for the next 18 months (Which started back in June) for no particular reason. The images were leaked to Corvette Forum, in a fairly nonchalant fashion actually. By trying to help others with coming up with renderings, they dropped a potato-quality photo containing some jaw dropping details on what the front and rear fascias look like for the new mid-engined "Corvette"

The front fascia of the new Corvette implies wide gaping openings that's more keen for aerodynamic and downforce purposes rather than engine aspiration. Think more Enzo Ferrari and less Ferrari Portofino. The steeply raked angles of the front fascia also implies a very short and low to the ground front hood, something akin to vehicles with no engine in the front.

Meanwhile, the rear fascia most certainly implies that the round double tail light pattern of old classic Corvettes won't be found in the mid-engined version either. We can't really tell much else from the rear fascia other than that it looks very Camaro-esque. The angle with which the photo has been taken does not really give the sense of length or depth of the rear. However, move your eyes more to the right and you'll find something else that's very interesting.

Right next to the rear fascia we catch a glimpse of what can potentially be the side panel of the new mid-engined unicorn. We think that it might be the front quarter panel due to the relative proportions and location of the wheel arch to the hood. The tight spacing between these features of the side quarter panel and the fact that it's also a fairly short are more evidence that there's a lack of an engine bay up front.

Do you think these fenders belong on the new mid-engined Corvette or something completely different?

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