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Leaked: The BMW 3 Series is getting a facelift!

Thankfully, they've ditched the contentious grilles and gone back to basics

17w ago

By Shafiq Abidin

When BMW introduced us to the G series M3 and M4, there's no denying that they were the talk of the town. Yes, they were going to be spectacular driver's cars - as M cars usually are - and yes, they'd be as convenient as a cardholder for daily use. But the brave design language BMW had opted for in the styling behind the grille was .. as questionable as Jeremy Clarkson's fashion sense.

It's been a while since something in the automotive world divided opinion quite like the grilles on the G80 and G82. It's almost like BMW played a bad trick on us, and unveiled a morsel of how unserious a German manufacturer can actually be - when they want to be. Luckily, the bad joke has now dried up, as leaked images show us what the forthcoming facelifted 3 series will look like.

The revelation came out of the US Patent and Trademark Office, and unveiled the design of a new set of bumpers for the 3 series. It's already known, thanks to a separate source, that the headlights of the 3 series will also be going under the knife, albeit ever so slightly. Had the headlights not stretched all the way towards the kidney grilles, there would've been a possibility that this could've been sanctioned for the 2 Series Gran Coupe - but that seems like a distinct possibility now.

In total, two bumper designs were recovered from the leaked patents. One of them looks to be fairly plain, so it's going to be slotted straight into the standard 3 series. The second design looks slightly more flared and pugnacious, so it's probably being enlisted to the sportier 3 series' that come just before the M3.

To cap off the reveals, we also now know that a remodelled rear bumper is in the works. It's pretty clear that this design isn't for one of the sportier cars, because it's a full-width faux diffuser with no apparent bumper vents. It's possible that this could be used on the new hybrid 3 series, or maybe even the electric variants.

The fact that these designs could very well spell the end of the OTT grilles that they've been using of late will come as a breath of fresh air to many. Either way, we will soon find out what BMW has planned for the 3 series - arguably their greatest line of cars, ever. Whilst we don't have an exact timeline on when this news will be announced, there's plenty to suggest that it will be by the end of this year.

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Comments (24)

  • They’re all starting to look a bit strange. The entire range was absolutely perfect in 2015, but they’ve kept fiddling to stuff which isn’t as good

      3 months ago
    • You’re bang on the money there Sam!

        3 months ago
    • Cannot agree with you more. It’s this obsession that some brands have where they feel continuity isn’t always a good thing. I get that change is needed in the automotive industry, but such large ones? To a car which will be sold in the...

      Read more
        3 months ago
  • Thank the boffins for beating the designers back into submission! Finally looks good again.

    May the designers of the current awful M grilles feel much shame. Shame on their families too.

      3 months ago
  • Looks pretty good

      3 months ago
  • Well Ig they have gained their senses back, phew

      3 months ago
  • That was well needed

      3 months ago