Learner rider Vs Ford - who's to blame?

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3y ago

I'll start by saying I know this particular corner (near Llantwit Major in South Wales in case you were wondering)

I've also met the guy involved, so I won't rip on him too hard, even though I've also just seen him crash an MT-07 after possibly the worst target fixation crash ever recorded.

Who's to blame for this one?

And here's tinman's more recent MT crash...

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  • These are really just basic mistakes by a new., inexperienced rider. Fortunately he was going slowly when the incidents occurred.

    The collision with the car was unnecessary. Since there was plenty of room for him to go to the left and avoid the car. Target fixation had him looking at the car, rather than where he should be going. Also he braked rather than leaned. A common mistake.

    In the second incident, target fixation got him again. He went where he looked, again. Had he been looking at the road, he could have easily gone around the bend, regardless of the other bike.

    I just hope this guy is learning from these mistakes. I wish him luck in the future.

      3 years ago
  • Both, with a but. Neither are in complete control of their rides. You can see that the rider has the pedestrian in his sights - which should be an indicator of a potential problem. He also has a bit of fixation and grabs the front brake, instead of looking at the options of where he could go. Yeah, the car shouldn't have been there, but, there are no perfect scenario's to accidents. Little old lady with her pooch will always get a bit of a berth from me too and in the moments before the collision, the car is uncomfortably close to the pedestrian. Thankfully, I haven't put myself in a position where a rider has to make a quick decision like this - and when I ride, I do so with the inclination that everyone is out to kill me, so am a LOT more aware of my surroundings as a result.

      3 years ago
  • I agree. In the first case, both are partly to blame: a driver/rider should be able to stop within the distance you can see. Regarding the car: it appeared to have been going relatively slowly, but it was arguably on the wrong side of the road. Regarding the bike: it was going much faster than I felt comfortable with, and perhaps could have entered the bend wider to see further around. I don't like 'knock for knock' insurance settlements, but in this case it might be the most sensible outcome.

      3 years ago
  • No question really, it's the car drive is at fault on two points 1/ he should never have overtaken the pedestrian so close to a blind bend and he was on the riders side of the road, impatience and bad judgement caused this accident, and as for the comment about running wide on a blind corner the rider at no point was over on the drivers side of the road and as an Advanced rider myself I was taught to ride wide in your lane as it increases the distance you can see, good job he wasn't driving a car or bigger!

      3 years ago
    • Oh dear, if you think the biker was well positioned going into the bend you might want to watch the video again.

        3 years ago
  • On the first clip, rider going way to quick around a blind corner. He should be thinking of safety first and avoiding injury to himself & others on tight blind roads. Cars like this one if present cannot always get out the way or make space. They are both at fault, but in my opinion the law will or should advise the bike rider to take more care and he is the cause of the accident as his speed was too much for him to safely avoid trouble. The vehicle was making its way around a pedestrian at the time the bike came around the blind corner a little too quick!

    As for the secon clip, you would think the rider with all the stickers of rider group attendance would have more rider capability. The crash was low speed and even at the low speed he was unable to trust his tires and take the corner for fear of falling. This is your common of new riders, more so first timers. Both were lucky.

      3 years ago