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Leclerc wins, again!

A quick look to what happened during the 2019 Italian GP with some of my thoughts about it

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Tireless "Tyreless" Lion

The whole world has once again appreciated the tenacity and strength of Lewis Hamilton, who after having finally found someone to fight with, had fun and amused all the tifosi putting under effort Leclerc’s coolness.

The Warlord and the only soldier of the Principality

The Monegasque has been really smart at the start defending the position in a very brilliant way, guilty only of small mistakes during the race but did not complicate his GP. Almost perfect management of the pressure (still excellent considering that he hasn't even attented 40 races) and border-line defense but with the right fighting spirit that every champion must have (Like Verstappen in Austria).

If Bottas has been clumsy...

Bottas made more mistakes in 4 laps than Hamilton did in 4 years, but he still brings a solid second place almost unlikely considering the pace that Sebastian had.

...Vettel has been no less!

Number 5 Ferrari ruined its Italian GP for the second consecutive year due to a mistake.

Sorry to see Seb fall in this whirlwind of misfortunes...

In fact after the spin, he made a dangerous return to the track, causing a collision with Stroll’s Racing Point & Gasly's Toro Rosso, receiving a 10 seconds penalty + Stop & Go!

Illogical Penalties and Where to Find Them... soon to Finland Theaters

The same penalty was given without any logic to Kimi Raikkonen due to an error made by Alfa Romeo mechanics who put the wrong tires on the Alfa number 7; a move judged by the FiA to be as dangerous as Sebastian Vettel's return to the track.

Perhaps if KR7 had run Monza in the wrong way it would have received a lighter penalty.


Renault finally completes a GP in a calm and serene way, achieving an excellent double point placement ; 4th Ricciardo & 5th Hulkenberg.

Bravissimo Antonio!

Beautiful race also for Giovinazzi who gets his best result of his career in his home race finishing in 9th position and earning 2 points.

Bad day for Verstappen & Sainz

Verstappen ruins his second consecutive race at the first corner... after Monaco 18 we all thought he stopped doing mistakes but now seems he switched back to the Ole Troublemaker Verstappen Mode.

Sainz after a great duel with Albon, has been forced to retire because of the McLaren disaster on his right-front wheel during his pit stop. Hope the next race in Singapore on Sep. 22 is gonna be better for these two!

Who you think is gonna win the Singapore GP? Leclerc again? I hope to see Vettel making a comeback in order to adjust his battered morale but I think there aren't any Ferrari-friendly circuits left (Except Interlagos and maybe USA) so it's easily predictable that the Silver Arrows will be back in front. We'll see!

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