Legendary Zakspeed Escort Mk2 in All its 9.500Rpm Screaming Glory

This is Werner Weiss´s Monster, now raced at the German Berg-Cup series for almost two decades. It is a former DRM machine originally built within the Group 4 rulebook by Zakspeed, that saw a second life in the Mountains and has been evolved accordingly to keep itself competitive among the many fine tuned machines that it races against.

It is powered by the Legendary Cosworth 1.8L BDA engine unit, here producing upwards of 270Hp/9.500Rpm, transferred to the Rear Wheels through a 6-speed Sequential Gearbox. And while it may seem that amount of power may not be a lot, the truth is that is weighs only around 820Kg. So do the math, but most of all hear and enjoy this precious piece of Race Car history that is still being driven as it was intended to... Not many are doing it anymore unfortunately...

Big thanks to KCRTeam, who provided us footage without which this video and article would be impossible to make. Follow their work right here:

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