LEGO comes to the rescue with new Technic Defender build

Love or hate the new Defender, a LEGO Technic version is sure to make us all feel a bit better, Right?

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So the World is now in receipt of a good look at the brand spanking new Land Rover Defender. And while I think it would be fair to say it has split opinions; in general the initial reports are looking good.

As with anything new there will always be haters, but trying to replace such a loved, British off-roader is almost an impossible task. But, Land Rover have given it their best shot. Instead of a straight copy Land Rover have gone for a completely new and modern look, which has purists up in arms.

Being honest, I don't actually have an issue with how the new Defender looks. It is different and perhaps the back end is a bit odd, but, like its grandpa it still looks a bit rough and ready. The new Land Rover Defender was launched in Frankfurt alongside the reason for this article. The 2573-piece LEGO Technic set.

Surely there can't be any haters for this.

The build can be completed with finishing touches such as a rear ladder, roof racks and a side mounted storage case, all making the Technic Defender feel just like the real thing. Only a lot smaller.

Of course the doors will open where you can see the drivers seat with a surprisingly detailed interior including the trademark steering wheel. Round the back you can also see the transmission working through its three differentials.

In true Land Rover Defender fashion, the Technic build has fully independent suspension and even a working winch.

The LEGO Technic Defender will be available for purchase from the Lego website from the 1st of October and will retail for £169.99. Okay yes, that is quite expensive. Perhaps I was a little bit too quick to say that there would not be any haters for the latest LEGO Technic creation.


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