Lego F1 Decal Project

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At the bottom of the page you'll find a link where you'll find the io files for the respective cars (that you can upload to Bricklink to generate a parts list), instructions as well as the Word document which has decals for the 2018 grid.

Changes from the previous version

You may have seen my last post which featured the Renault, Haas, Red Bull and McLaren. If so you'll notice the revised front wing which better reflects the aesthetics of 2018 cars as well as the revision to the engine cover region and halo. Another change is to how the sidepods are connected. In the previous version the sidepods were only connected at one point and was admittedly rather flimsy. So in this version a second point was added to better secure the sidepods, with the exception of the Force India which has a slightly different connection than the others due to the part being used as the sidepod not being avaliable in bright pink. Each of Force India's sidepods is split in two, but they are fairly secure.

Renault RS18 - Hulkenberg

Force India VJM11 - Ocon


While in the images of the built cars you'll only see one of the drivers from each respective team, the decals document does include decals of both current drivers. The decals are grouped so you should be able copy and paste the decals into a new Word document fairly easily. For the set I completed I used a regular inkjet printer and white A4 adhesive paper. I did apply a layer of clear tape on top of the printed decals prior to cutting them out to add some gloss and some minor protection.

The number styling for each respective team is now similar to what they actually run as opposed to the last version. Hulkenberg's 27 is different from the last version and now in line with the actual style they use, likewise with Vandoorne's 2 and Magnussen's 20 has the line through the middle of the 0. The sponsorship on the nose of the Renault have been resized and the French flag was added to the nose. The launch livery of the Red Bull has been replaced by the race livery.

Red Bull Racing RB14 - Ricciardo

Decals for Haas, McLaren, Renault and Sauber

McLaren MCL33 - Vandoorne

Decals for the Red Bull, Ferrari, Force India and Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso STR13 - Gasly

Something to be consided about the decals for specifically the Haas, Sauber and Williams is that there's a mismatch of colours. The white of the paper brighter than the Lego pieces and is noticeable more so on the Sauber than the Haas or Williams. Speaking of Williams, the Martini strips that feature on the engine cover decal are fairly simplistic as I wasn't really able to replicate it properly but at the very least there's a bit of a template to improve on.

Mercedes AMG W09 - Bottas

It's also worth pointing out that while in the image below the Mercedes has a fairly light gradient, when printed it did end up coming out darker which is kind of a happy accident but unfortunately the Petronas lines and rear wing decal came out closer to blue rather than the intended colour. I wasn't able to replicate the lines on the sidepod on a separate decal so I moved the logo to the sidepod.

Decals for the Mercedes and WIlliams

Williams FW41 -Sirotkin

Dimensions and Other Details

Each 16.5cm in length, around 6.5cm wide and 4cm high. I believe that the Ferrari SF-16H Speed Champions are about 14cm long, 6cm wide and 4cm high.

Number of bricks in each model: Ferrari (110), Force India (113), Haas (112), McLaren (112), Mercedes (114), Red Bull (112), Renault (114), Sauber (112), Toro Rosso (113) and Williams (114)

For some scale, the Sauber next to an Iphone SE (I swapped out the original housing for a black housing with glass back, that's why it looks like that)

Other Images

Ferrari and Mercedes

Haas and Sauber

Force India and Williams

Renault and McLaren

Red Bull and Toro Rosso

Link to io files, instructions and the decals below

* io files have been edited so that Technic Axle 8 replaces Technic Axle 7 which was a less readily available part that was also relatively more expensive. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.