Lego Honda Civic Type R

11w ago


Hello! I haven't posted on DriveTribe in quite a while, but I have some information that I thought would be worth sharing! A few months ago, I decided to create a different type of video on my YouTube Channel - rather than the traditional Lego videos where a finished build is shown, I have decided to break one of my builds down into different steps, so that viewers at home can watch, comment on, and enjoy my progress. To be more specific, the build I am working on is a Honda Civic Type R FK8, and let's be honest, you either like them or hate them! I have chosen this car in particular because of its rather unique and challenging angles. Above, you can watch what I consider to be my favourite episode so far - epsiode 6 - where I make the front of the car. Or feel free to visit my YouTube channel and watch the series from the start! Thanks - and enjoy the video! My Channel -

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