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Lego McLaren Senna review/build

41w ago


Alright we all know the new series of Lego Speed Champions cars has been released (maybe not yet for some of you) but now that I stumbled across the Senna, I decided to get it (F40 will be coming later, so don't worry) so now let's see what's up.

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Some very interesting pieces for the indicators

About halfway through with the first windscreen piece

Only it doesn't go where I originally thought. I have never seen this build tactic before.

With my slightly rusty Lego skills, it had a decent 20-30 minute build time with a usual faff of all the stickers and decals. A good gift or addition for those who collect Speed Champions, although McLaren enthusiasts will be quick to point out all the obvious flaws with the scaling and detail work of this build.

Senna, Lego man, and wind tunnel machine


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