- I​t took me some time to make my lego look like the picture.

L​ego Six-Cylinder Engines

V​6, Flat-Six, and Inline-6

3w ago


S​o I like engines a lot, and i have some Lego around my house, so i decided to build some of the most popular types of six-cylinder engines. (And the best thing is that all engines have twin-turbos!). DISCLAIMER: It may not be accurate because i have limited amount of pieces.

T​his is the twin-turbo V6, and as you can see the cover lifts up!

A​ old Porsche Flat-6, based of the classic 911’s.

A​nd for the JDM people, I have built a twin-turbo Inline-6!

​I hope you enjoyed looking at my engines! 🙂

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Comments (10)

  • You’re very talented! I wanted to try building a lego replica of the RB26DETT, but i don’t have enough parts oof

      26 days ago
    • Thanks! And the RB26 is a nice lego to build once you get the pieces 🙂

        26 days ago
  • Where do I find these pieces? That is bloody awesome!

      26 days ago
    • I actually have a Porsche Gt3 rs, the 1:8 scale lego. Then i disassembled it and used the parts to build the engine

        26 days ago
  • That's beautiful!

      27 days ago
  • Really good work 👍

      27 days ago
  • I thought I was the only guy who made lego engines!

      24 days ago


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