- Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car. Pic Credit: Lego.

Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car

This is the closest we can get to driving the Top Gear rally car.

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Lego teamed up with BBC studios to have this created. It is a remote controlled building set. The car was co-designed with the Top Gear team from the body to the Top Gear and Stig stickers.

...Approx. the size of a 1:18 scale model car..

The kit consists of 463 elements. This includes the large motor, XL motor and Bluetooth controlled smart hub. Its dimensions are - 10 inch in length, 3 inch in height and 5 inch in width. This is approximately a 1:18 scale model car.

Pic Credit: Lego.

Pic Credit: Lego.

..paired with your smartphone..

You build the car then, you can play with it, not just showcase it. To control the car you will need to pair it with the Lego Technic Control + app on your smartphone. Once done it gives you functions like going forward, reversing, steering and even gyro control along with challenges for you to complete. Think of yourself as James Bond from Tomorrow Never Dies except you wont fit in the car nor do you get the gadgets or bad guys but controls this car like he does.

It is available for children who are 9+ years and above, it is perfect for me and will hit shelves on December 26th, 2019 for $129.00 or £124.00 depending on the market.

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