Lego Tyrrell P34: Six wheels, many bricks!

2y ago


This summer, I'll be building each week a legendary car from F1's history. And we start by the iconic and bizarre 1976 Tyrrell P34.

As unusual as it may look, the main idea behind the P34 is quite simple. In order to reduce the front cross-section of the car and aerodynamic drag with it, the two large front wheels have been swapped for four much smaller ones.

What you get is a more slippery car through the air, while getting a bigger tire contact patch. A brilliant idea!

And it was pretty successful too, with some good results for the 1976 season, most notably a one-two finish at the Swedish GP. For the 1977 season though, the car started to slip behind, partly because of a redesign that increased weight, and partly due to Goodyear's unwillingness to develop the specific tires required for the small front wheels.

If it's the most famous six-wheeled F1 car, it wasn't the only one. Williams, March and even Ferrari tried their hands at various 6-wheeled solutions, though none of those ever entered a proper race.

As I said before, this Lego car is the first in a series spanning across F1's history, and each week I'll build a new legendary car. So tune in next Wednesday to see what the next car is going to be!

I'll also be releasing instructions and parts list for you to build this car at home in the coming days, so keep your eyes on this Tribe. You can also follow me on Twitter to be alerted exactly when I'll post them: