Lego unveils McLaren Senna GTR model with cool Dihedral Doors

      It also has moving pistons. Lovely.

      1w ago


      Lego has released an intricate 830 piece model of the McLaren Senna GTR. Featuring the cool blue color of the GTR, the attention to detail in this Lego model is superb.

      The model is 12 inches long and has many cool features like massive wing at the back, dihedral doors and moving pistons. What's more, Lego say that this 830 piece model is hand-built will "get hearts pumping".

      According to Robert Melville, Design Director McLaren Automotive, the designers of the Senna GTR worked closely with Lego on this model to make it look exactly like the real thing.

      So if you weren't the 75 lucky souls who bought the Senna GTR, then you can get one of these awesome Senna GTR models for €49,99/$49,99/£44.99. Ouch.

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      Comments (6)

      • That's pretty reasonable, for lego.

        And it's not even uglier than the real thing!

          11 days ago
      • Meh, yes reasonably priced, but I'd say on the visual it seems to be lacking a but of detail...BUT it still looks worlds better than that atrocity they came out and called it a Corvette. But I think the issue is the scale is too small to look more accurate when using technics. Oh well, now the Ecto1 that one looks epic!!!

          10 days ago
      • They should make a Chiron-sized laferrari

          11 days ago
      • Oh man duuuuuude!

          11 days ago
      • That is too cool!

          11 days ago


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