- Leipzig One at Monterey Car Week 2019

Leipzig One, a Small BMW With a Big Heart.

Could this be the ultimate BMW that was never made?

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Everyone wonders "what if?" Everyone on this site wonders "what if we swapped a..." The creators of Leipzig One wondered "what if" and actually got their answer.

Originally a BMW 135i, Leipzig One is a BMW build paying homage to what the 1M could have and should have been.

The car was built along side only the best BMWs

The car was built along side only the best BMWs

Being a bespoke program available to anyone looking to take their 1M to the next level, Masterclass and ASG Miami started off with the body. They knew the car would be more than capable of playing the part, however, it had to look the part as well.

Finished in stellar San Merino Blue built with all OEM BMW 1M body panels with all factory pinch welds done and in place where needed, this car is the ultimate recreation of what the 1M can be should you choose to build one of these bespoke creations with Masterclass Auto.

Getting a full manual drivetrain out of an e92 M3, they decided to build the 1M the way it should have been from the factory. Had the 1M been made with a V8, it is believed that the car would have cannibalized the M3, which is why BMW never released them with V8s. That being said, Masterclass produced a FULL vehicle with all BMW parts and more. This is not a simple swap for the track, instead this is a fully customizable vehicle with homage to the BMW brand.

Equipped with the full drivetrain from an e92, they also decided to swap subframes, EDC suspension components, and even all brains of the e92 into this car.

To help improve its stopping power it was fitted with M3 brakes, lowered suspension compatible with EDC, and the M3 wheels will also stick out 5mm's more than OEM. This vehicle has countless hours of engineering for a completely custom made exhaust from the headers back, ending in Akrapovic carbon fiber tips.

All e92 components have been transferred over using all factory wiring harnesses and adapting one to the other. That means that including MDM modes, EDC modes from the adaptive M suspension, and instrument clusters is possible. The vehicle is painted in BMW Individual San Merino blue with Estoril Blue brake calipers, paying close attention to not use any color codes that are not iconic BMW colors.

Named Leipzig One after the Leipzig plant used to build this chassis of car, it is a fully functional, made to OEM spec, vehicle that people will be able to commission and fully customize as well.

Customization options will include different paint codes like: Dakar Yellow, Phoenix Yellow, Laguna Seca Blue, Limerock Orange, custom interior options like: BMW Motorsport seats, different upholstery options, steering wheels and stitching.


A special thank you to the whole team for letting us be a part of this journey and taking us to shoot in Monterey and a special thank you to the Leica Store Miami for lending us their M10 with a 35mm 1.4, the greatest camera we've shot with to date.

Build with Masterclass Auto today.

Visit Leipzig One or ASG Miami to order yours.

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Comments (2)

  • I WANT ONE! I had an E90 and that was the most fun, but this looks like an absolute beast of a car.

      9 months ago
  • Nice job. There is a private owner here in Brisbane who had one done locally. E92 engine and box, under the hood looked like a factory original car. Was amazing how many Oem parts fitted, there was nothing that looked custom made or cobbled together. He said it only ended up about 15kg heavier at the front.

      9 months ago