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Lend me your voice, let's contact the EU to avoid the ICE ban.

I'm writting them a letter and I want you to add upon it.

I'm honestly sick of seeing the community so sad and split appart because of that goddamn legislation, so, since I don't see anybody tring to do anything about it any time soo, I decided to take iniciative.

On monday 29 of March I wil send the foilowing letter to the EU's contact link

"Dear recipient entity:

I am contacting you to express not only my own concern, disagreement and discontent but also that of much of the automotive community at European and even global level.

The concrete cause of these sentiments is the decision of multiple governments to ban the production and circulation of vehicles with internal combustion engines, the ban on classic vehicles and even the ban on modifications of any kind in addition to the unfair treatment perceived by the automotive community which can be summarized as to make a whole group pay for the actions of a few individuals.

I would like to remind you that like all human beings, we car enthusiasts also seek happiness, tranquility and fulfillment as individuals and as a community. I think it is not crazy to say that we have the right to be happy and to participate in what we appreciate and that even though some of our activities and customs are not especially compatible with an environment or population, that should not be an excuse to prohibit them without giving opportunity to find a middle ground that allows them to live with each other while maintaining their respective rights and freedoms maximized as far as possible and reasonably.

Besides, I must mention the possibility that these prohibitions are in conflict with the first paragraph of article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A-27.1 Everyone has the right to freely take part in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and the benefits that result from it.

With the internal combustion engines banned, we are deprived of the benefit of scientific progress, which has already begun to be paralyzed by this ban.

With classics and modifications forbidden, we are deprived of being able to enjoy the arts derived from automotive culture.

With these bans in place, we are deprived of much of the cultural realm of the automotive community.

With all of the above in mind, let me clarify my intentions and objectives:

• Request and achieve the cessation and abortion of said legislation and that the development of said engines be allowed, without economic or technical obstacles or at least reasonably minimal, except for emission limits.

• Establish a global approval and homologation system that is affordable, understandable to all audiences and as lax as possible so that enthusiasts can enjoy our vehicles and their various configurations as well as being able to adapt new and better technologies to classic vehicles if the owner considers it appropriate .

• Create or establish a trustworthy communication method between government agencies and motor vehicle users and enthusiasts, since I consider that part of the conflict with the proposed prohibitions is the lack of communication that has prevented finding a middle ground or agreement.

Of course I am not going to demand without at least trying to give options and alternatives or trying to put in some effort on my part, after all, compromise is one of the bases of diplomacy.

Below I will try to summarize the technologies and methods that I believe should be promoted as substitutes for the ban on the internal combustion engine and that as a citizen and member of the car culture, I would do my best to adopt and use.

• A gasoline substitute can be produced from carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere, thus creating a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel, which we are eagerly awaiting in the automotive community.

• The department of technical engines of the Polytechnic University of Valencia has created two prototypes of combustion engine capable of generating zero emissions, they achieve this by using new ceramic membranes to filter harmful particles and capturing Co2 through a liquification process.

• There is the possibility of incorporating electrolysis units in vehicles that allow the generation of hydrogen during circulation to use it in order to compensate for the use of a fuel mixture that is leaner than normal.

Finally, I would like to consult the way to carry out the previously mentioned objectives, because I do not know if this method of contact is valid and I would like to have all the possible communication methods to achieve these objectives.

Without anything else to say, I thank you for your time and let you know that, not only I, but many others await your response to take actions that lead us to a life in peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.



Those are my words, but I want to show them your's too, speak up

Comment anythig else that you would like to tell them, as I said, on March 29 of 2021 I will send them the final result with the hopes of laying the gound for a better future for car culture or perhaps prompting others to take action.

Also feel free to copy-paste this letter and send it too, the more the merryer

and please share this post on as many communities as you deem appropiate.

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Comments (40)

  • Cuz the EU love nothing more than to consider what about ten people in a letter think😬.

    Very ambitious nonetheless, good luck.....

      5 months ago
    • Agreed but, think about it, if I don't try, things will go as they have been going, if I try and fail, the same will happen, but if I do succeed, I still can have something done.

        5 months ago
    • Mmm, yeah i dont think addressing this as an issue is a very good idea honestly.

      Regulations and changes are happening because they have to.

        5 months ago
  • Good luck, but knowing the government, I wouldn’t think they will listen. I like ICE’s. Most of us here do. But the government aren’t us. They aren’t car enthusiasts. And ultimately, EV’s are better for the environment than petrol and diesel engines. It’s a small minority of children in the lithium mines, and the electric motor would help greatly if it was put to use in countries such as China, where children are suffering under a great cloud of smog. I also wouldn’t go as far to say that the banning of the ICE infringes our human rights. I think to say that, would frankly be vulgar and a bit overkill. Have a good day.

      5 months ago
  • The thing is they aren't going to ban classic cars or modifications, it is only the ban of all NEW cars sold can't only be powered by petrol or diesel, meaning hybrids and all regular ICE cars made and sold before 2035 are ok. I know this is an unpopular opinion (not 100% sure why) but I think due to climate change we need to do this and it is actually a good thing, although banning cars that have already been made is stupid and worse for the environment

      5 months ago
    • If you read everything in this letter, you can see it mentioned alternative fuel for ICE called synthetic fuel, which is renewable and climate friendly and other technology that make ICE clean as EV

        5 months ago
    • I did read everything in the letter but the fact is whether you agree or not from a climate perspective EVs are likely the best option, however synthetic fuels will likely be used for certain cars, mainly classics

        5 months ago
  • Good job! I think going into more detail about the environmental deficits of EVs with some properly backed up sources and how synthetics have true green potential due to carbon capture as opposed to EVs which have none etc would maybe make them reconsider.

      5 months ago
  • Can you ask why rich people who can afford expensive EVs pay less tax then lower income families who drive the cheapest thing they can get their hands on that is actually useful to them.

      5 months ago