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Leopard Takes A Stroll In India's Largest Car Factory!

1y ago


Police and Wildlife officers were been forced to evacuate and close India's largest car manufacturing factory after a leopard found it's way inside. The Maruti Suzuki manufacturing facility produces over a million cars per year for the country, and closing it for a day and a half is no small feat.

The animal was captured on security cameras wandering around the building. Police and Wildlife Officers used live goats and fireworks to try and lure the animal out of hiding. The big cat was eventually spotted roaming the plant's six acre engine production section, where experts were able to shoot the animal with a tranquilliser, and release it back to the wild.

Thankfully Wildlife Officers were able to tranquillise the animal instead of being forced to destroy it.

Reports suggest that the Leopard had wandered into the manufacturing plant having fled it's habitat due to deforestation work. Thankfully no-one, human or leopard, were injured in the incident.

Source: The Drive