Lesser known car quiz

4d ago

This one's easy.

  • Apollo Arrow
  • Apollo Intenza Emouzine

You may disrespect this car because it is electric.

  • Artega GT
  • Artega Scalo Superlletra
  • Honus Beko 367

This car has quite some smooth looks!

  • Arrinera Hussarya 33
  • Vencer Soothe
  • Ginetta G60

Sleekish-reddish car?

  • ATS GT
  • ATS Corsa RRTurbo
  • Lokena Birik

It's the Ferrari LaFerrari! But is it?

  • Yes bro it is.
  • No it's the Exotic Rides W70
  • Rhondus Raptor

An underrated 1000 bhp Italian pizza!

  • Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli
  • Lozzanti Vevantra Holecavalli
  • Mazzanti Evantra Cillecavalli

A bubbly-wobbly car with an extra large spoiler. It looks cool in blue!

  • Techrules AT96
  • Nio EP9
  • Aspark Owl

The back of this car looks...queer!

  • Vencer Sarthe
  • Trion Nemesis
  • Tushek T90

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