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Let me entertain you... with Freddie Mercury's cars!

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Two words about Freddie Mercury

He paid his dues, time after time, 'cause he wanted to break free and find the love of his life, but it’s a miracle to find somebody to love, so he bit the dust, because it's a hard life, he was always under pressure, playing the game, looking for this crazy thing called love, going slightly mad, but the show must go on…so...

There's no need to present Freddie Mercury, he is a legend, a Queen, an old fashioned lover boy, who was in love with his cars…. and who did not a driving license. Anyway this didn't stop the Queen front man from own a car, actually more than one, we will rock you...sorry, we will have a look at his collection right now.

1950 Studebaker Champion

Mercury sat on the front of his Studebaker Champion - Photo credits : Rock Stars Cars

In Freddie Mercury's collection there's apparently a very particular car from the past: a 1950 Studebaker Champion. Except this photo and few posts around the Internet, I haven't found many details about Freddie's ownership, but this car is such a piece of history and deserves a few lines in any case.

1950 Studebaker Champion, this particular one is of Tracey Smith, an executive vice president at the automotive company Carroll Shelby International - photo credits : David Walter Banks for Wall Street Journal

The Champion is the most successful model of American car manufacturer Studebaker. Produced from 1938 to 1958, this car saved the company from bankruptcy.

The car, was designed by Raymond Loewy, with a bullet nose which recalls an airplane front, it has other similarities with planes, by the fact this model was designed without restrictions, due to the lack of already existing parts which had to be used, meaning the project team pursued the philosophy of lighter is better, developing what was one of lightest cars of its era. The fuel consumption was very low – so low, in fact, that the Champion won the Mobilgas economy run at the time and its engine was used for cargo carrier and tanks in World War 2, because of its fuel efficiency.

Daimler limousine

photo credits - www.motorstown.com

At the beginning of Queen’s success, Mercury bought a Daimler Limousine. Sadly there's not much information about, but it probably was a Daimler DS420, a car made by this British brand since 1968 and used by the Danish, Swedish and English Royal houses. Indeed a car suitable for a “Queen”.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Photo credits - Coy's

Later the Daimler was replaced with another Royal related car: a 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. This car, like the Daimler, was driven by a chauffeur (Mercury still had no driving licence), and was, like all Rolls, a very luxurious car.

Freddie's Silver Shadow was light grey, with grey leather interiors and wood trims, and featured a cassette player and a telephone. The car was used by the Queen frontman until his death in 1991. It was then sold at auction by Coy's.

Mercedes Benz 420SEL

Photo credits - 2040-cars.com

In his collection, according to the website Freddiemercury.com, he also had a black and burgundy Daimler Jaguar which was replaced after a short time by a Mercedes Benz 420 SEL.

Also black, this German saloon, was purchased by Mercury in 1986. The car was one of his favorites and the one which was used for daily drives.

This Benz was sold by Sotheby's in 1996, but the new owner then left the car in an abandoned state until it was literally saved from rotting by Ross Waite, who found it while cleaning a worksite in Fife, Scotland. Ross later put it on sale because of the fact he can't afford to restore it.

Lincoln town car

Photo credits - FavCars.com

The Lincoln Town Car was a luxury sedan produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1981, replacing the Lincoln Continental. Freddie purchased one after he had bought an apartment in New York, so he could avoid having to hire a car every time he was in the Big Apple.

Range Rover Convertible

Photo credits - www.rogertaylor.info

Mercury also had a Range Rover convertible, which later was owned by Roger Taylor, drummer of the band, and massive petrolhead.

Now bear with me for a few lines more, because, Queen and Freddie Mercury are some of my favorite musicians, so I will show you the cars of the other members of the band soon. But right now I have to say this, and share one of my most loved memories related to this legendary artist.

I grow up scampering around with my dad in the various cars he owned over the years, listening and signing along to the music from the cassette player. Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own” was one of our favorites, and it always will remind me of precious memories about my dad. Mercury’s voice and Queen's songs were the soundtrack of the my early days with the man who, bless him, bore with me for 16 years.

Freddie’s voice was a kind of magic, and always will be, at least for me.

Thanks for reading, bumping and commenting, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it, and thanks to the ones who always support me.

What's your favorite among Freddie Mercury cars?

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