let me introduce you a awesome spanish tv show of road safety from the 70's

The second opportunity was a TVE program, whose main objective was to raise awareness among drivers to reduce traffic accidents.1 It was originally issued between 1978 and 1979, although it had several replacements.

With the direction of Fernando Navarrete, presented by the journalist and motor enthusiast, Paco Costas, narrated by Rafael Taibo and with the collaboration of the French Alain Petit (one of the best cinematographic specialists), this road safety program recreated traffic accidents with great realism, and recommended the way in which drivers should act before compromised situations. The music of the series was in charge of the composer Julio Mengod.

The program began with the spectacular real clash of a car against a rock and the phrase “man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone”. Throughout 24 deliveries were covered many cases in which an accident could occur, and how to avoid it:

WARNING: audio is the original old 70’s spanish, so if you can get a pc and put auto translation of the subtitles in english, will be better for you to understand what MR. Paco Costas says

here i levae you the entire series…

chapter 1, braking IN the corner

Do we really know how to drive when we leave the driving school? The answer is no. In this episode the consequences of violently braking on a curve (naturally without ABS) are shown.

chapter 2: while the city sleeps

Driving in the city should be safer at night. The almost non-existence of traffic encourages certain drivers, whether by alcohol, haste or overconfidence to circulate as if there were no one other than them. The consequences can be fatal.

chapter 3: the rain

Great care when driving with wet asphalt. The behavior of the car is not the same and in a dangerous situation the accident can make a difference.

chapter 4: wrong use of engine power

In overtaking, taking advantage of the power of the car or not, can make the difference between successfully finishing or suffering an almost fatal accident.

chapter 5: use of the steering wheel in corners

The position when sitting at the wheel is essential to control the car, avoid fatigue and, in case of emergency, know how to respond quickly without the arms losing freedom of movement.

chapter 6: the excursion

This chapter addresses the importance of coaches and buses being in perfect condition and that their drivers know how to properly fulfill their obligation.

chapter 7: the tractor

One of the funniest chapters. What you have to take into account when driving these agricultural machines. Do not miss the “making-off” or how you made the credits.

chapter 8: the light

In night driving it is very important to have the headlights in good condition and correctly adjusted. If we do not see what lies ahead, we can suffer an accident like the one shown in the chapter.

chapter 9 see and be seen:

Since the broadcast of this chapter almost 30 years ago, you can still see thousands of drivers circulating with the lights off in low visibility conditions, dusk, dawn, even with fog!

chapter 10: corner with dirt

The title of this chapter, one of the first engravings of the series, does not cover in an extensive way the purpose that we proposed that was to make clear the phenomenon of adherence in general.

chapter11: the motorbike

Despite the time elapsed, the safety problems of driving a motorcycle remain the same.

chapter 12: downhills

If we throw ourselves happily for a long and steep slope, all materials have a limit; the temperature is increased due to constant friction, and the moment may come when, allied with the weight of the vehicle and the speed of the moment, it will put us in a serious bind.

chapter 13: corner with water

Some drivers do not even know the possibilities of the car they drive and they have the great fortune of not having received a scare, but the day that happens to them, they will not spin and return to the road like F1 cars. Neither the roads have escape areas like the circuits, nor the ability to control a skid is the one that has a pilot to avoid an accident.

chapter 14: dirt roads

Dear friends, when this chapter was recorded there were still 150,000 kilometers of roads and dirt roads in Spain. I am very afraid that the figure has not decreased too much and, of course, there are still thousands of vehicles that travel along these roads.

chapter 15: the snow

As can be seen in this chapter, the film crew and I, we had a great time skidding and “painting the monkey”. But, careful, it’s one thing to know that you’re doing it for the cameras and with all the security of the world, and, another, to face the snow is serious.

chapter 16: acceleration lane

Whenever we are able to calculate our own speed and that of the traffic we want to incorporate, so that we have not had to touch the brake at any time, we have made the manobra accurately and without forcing other vehicles to divert their path or slow down.

chapter 17 freeway rollovers

On the freeways, having no traffic on the front, overtaking does not offer the slightest problem at first sight. But also in these roads and with greater reason, due to the speed that is circulated, the three golden rules are essential: see, signal, maneuver.

chapter 18: hit from behind

In this chapter we see the consequences of not adapting the speed to the circumstances. The issue of collisions by scope is also discussed.

chapter 19: frontal collision

In this chapter we check what happens in a frontal collision. For the sake of Alain Petit, this time only dolls were used, in a Dodge Dart-Dodge Dart at 50 km / h.

chapter 20: the dog

When we were about to finalize the themes of the series, we decided to make a chapter dedicated to the dog. But, in reality, what we wanted was for drivers to be aware of the enormous risk that, in a country like ours, eminently livestock and in which even then could be seen thousands of cars pulled by animals, supposed their presence in traffic.

chapter 21: delivery trucks (YEAH THAT’S ME BABY!!!)

Someone has to put an end to the excesses that are committed daily, in which, the protagonists, not only exceed the speed but abuse and harass drivers who either fall away or end up being involved in an accident.

chapter 22: The blowout.

chapter 23: hands on the wheel

chapter 24: the sea