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tiny lights on your rig, right on!

4y ago

Adding lights to a truck may seem like a tough task but this system is as easy as it gets. This AD-RC02 kit has an easy step by step instruction booklet that gives explanation on install by connecting to your receiver. First remove the Servo & ESC plugs from the receiver and connect to the AD-RC02. Then use the included wires to connect the (AD-RC02) system to the receiver, once this is complete plug in all the separate LED’s which are clearly labeled by name and colour. In this blog the system is connected to a jeep hard body (LINK) I had to create some of the light buckets myself with hot glue & plastic dip from in spray form to hide any light escaping from behind the light bucket. This system runs of your ESC, meaning it will draw power from you current trucks batteries. Sometimes a negative drawing power from your main battery but in this case it gives the option to control all lights from any standard 2-channel gun style transmitter. This system would work well to add your own lighting applied in socket A/B to control a strobe effect for police, fire or ambulance flashing lights. The system comes standard with individual settings from night mode, hazard lights, pilot mode, reverse, break, turn indicators and strobe. This system also comes with realistic reverse sounds!! Oh mah Gowd!!:)

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