Let us introduce you to the C.O.U.N.C.I.L

A stupid fantasy turned reality, except not quite

4w ago

As you might (or might not) have noticed, over the past few months, 'brands' have been popping up on DRIVETRIBE in which, usually, a teenager tries to design a car and horrendously fails at it. Unless you're me, that is- my cars are fantastic *dramatic hair flip*. Great hair and envious peers aside, every thing in life needs rules. Even cookies. Like seriously, why can't one just eat like 12 cookies? Why must one be limited to only 4? WHY

Oh well.

Right, back to the topic, so for setting up boring and anti-Coleman rules, we (as in me and Nicholas, he asked for some manner of credit otherwise it was mostly me) have decided to bring to life-


If you did not read that in a commentator's voice, I'm severely disappointed but moving swiftly on. The C.O.U.N.C.I.L is not only a pain to type, it's also, as the name suggests, a council. The rules that are to be made by these people should basically be about size & weight restrictions, emissions, engine size, fuel type etcetera etcetera etcetera. In the wise (arguably) Nicholas' words, "basically like a governing body for DT car brands". Think curfew but with cars. The full form is "Cars Of The United New Candy International League" and yes, it's as glamorous as it sounds. But obviously, we can't be in it, because there exists such a thing called bias. Nasty little bugger, that but it does and I can't do anything about it. Hence, enter


After a long 2 minutes of searching and scouring, we finally decided on all the members who we thought would be fitting for this highly important job. The people we ended up with are:

1. Zakk Grier because neutrality and niceness, I guess?

2. Will Stockett because critics. Plus, he's a pilot and hence automatically cool.

3. David Olsen-Fabian because he's sweet and has bunch of advice.

4. James whose last name is '.' because every group needs that one guy with the funny name.

5. Ethan Degge because the Deggatron can counter all electric actions and by default make this idea seem less stupid. Also, Deggatron.

And last but not the least, Micah Davis because he asked and we're nice.

The conclusion?

Other than the fact that I ate 5 cookies like the rebel I am, not much honestly. Oh wait, there's also the government that we formed but minor details.

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