‘L’Etonnante’ ‘55 BMW Sprint Racer - St Brooklyn Motorcycle

Here's France's St-Brooklyn Motorcycles with their 1/8th mile barnstormer, a 1955 BMW sprint race they call ‘L’Etonnante’. Sacré freakin' bleu!

4y ago

Let's just get it out of the way shall we? C'est magnifique. Because there was simply no way to write about this exquisite French crafted BMW without saying it. This machine is the answer to the question, “Can you build a motorcycle that has it all?” Many say it’s an impossible task; exquisite vintage looks, bulk horsepower with race-winning speed and capable of a reliable Sunday cruise with corners to kill. But Ludwig Ascher wanted everything and as an airhead specialist at his shop St Brooklyn Motorcycles in Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, he decided to build a BMW with the lot. It's a 1955 BMW Sprint Racer with a hefty heart transplant they call “L’Etonnante”.

It means “The Surprising,” and for Ludwig, this is all down to it “not only being surprising because of its unique design, but also thanks to its exceptional performance.” What is truly remarkable is that although he has built the BMW for the express purpose of competing in the 1/8th mile ‘Sultans of Sprint’ drag racing series at events like the Glemseck 101, the BMW handles the curves of a coast road a treat. And despite the big horsepower, the engine ticks over smoothly like cream in a churn. All of this is done from a beautiful French Barn-come-workshop where our stylish Breton builder arrives to start the day in a BMW car; such is his loyalty to the brand.

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