Let's all chase cars

Chasing cars by Snow Patrol - a variety of versions

3y ago


Original version: youtu.be/GrpSjXo6ah0

Live Chelmsford, crowd sing along: youtu.be/Z6krRyY_obo

Acoustic version: youtu.be/hd1qpr2Hq2k

Royal Albert Hall live: youtu.be/SEeTaF7unrc

The song 'Chasing Cars' is a very lovely simple ditty with a beautiful message - Enjoy the moment and revel in life and love. I wanted to make this post for a few reasons apart the reason that it is a very good song (which has 'cars' in the title, so justified). Firstly, I'd like to encourage everyone to find a song they like to sing along to and then search for live versions of it. A crowd singing is a magical thing that can really move you. It has an interesting effect on people, a shared empathy for certain harmonics that lifts the spirit. When watching others truly enjoy singing, especially when they are not particularly good at it, is always wonderful.

Secondly, I hope most of you have had the pleasure of finding alternative versions of the songs you like. I don't mean 'covers' here (though there is a place for them as well), but rather finding different interpretations by the original artists. I, for example, must have over 20 versions of 'Let It Be'. Anyway, if you haven't done this, spend 20 minutes on YouTube sometime - it will be worth it.

The Song was written by Snow Patrol's lead singer Gary Lightbody, and refers to a conversation he had with his father about a girl. Gary's father said 'You're like a dog chasing a car, you'll never catch it and if you did you wouldn't know what to do with it'. Gary wrote the song while 'a bit drunk' and found the next day that he quite liked it as it was different than his other work. It is, he says, 'the purest love song' he has ever written. 'It's about being in love, and how that feeling, that moment, makes everything else not matter. If it is just 'chasing cars', then let's we should chase more cars.'

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