- My own Big idea :)

Let's all make a BIG video congratulation for R.Hammond on his birthday on Dec19

Everything will be very beautiful and everyone will receive an individual design! :)

It will soon be a beautiful day, Richard Hammond's birthday! I invite you to support the annual tradition for DriveTribe to create video greetings for each of the leading shows of the Grand Tour. A large video of congratulations is due to be published on December 19th. On the birthday of Richard Hammond.

I offer everyone who cares and is interested in the idea of ​​making Richard the present and showing how together we love him very much, making a spectacular and beautiful video congratulation! This year, I think it will be a great idea to add new opportunities to our tradition!

What to do:

1 Record your video greeting with nice words at home or in a beautiful, favorite place. You can say your congratulations in your native language! This will make the video even more interesting. Or, if it's hard to say, you can write your congratulations on paper and take a picture!

2 You can send a beautiful wish or your poetry in a beautiful design on a beautiful background for Richard Hammond. You can record how you read your verse aloud against the backdrop of a beautiful video. If you have problems with the design on the computer, I will do it with great pleasure for you! I will add background, nice music and video effects. If desired, we can discuss all the details of the design.

3 You can send a picture - congratulations. Or draw a congratulation picture specially for Richard Hammond

I will be waiting for your letters to my mailbox


If you will take part in this project, then write about it in the comments!

I accept your congratulations to the last minute!

Let's make Richard Hammond a really Grand and BIG congratulation! Everything he loves for his birthday!

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Examples of it from the past years!

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