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Let's be serious, is there any point in the BMW M8?

14w ago


Well to nobody's surprise, BMW today finally released the BMW M8 in a coupe and convertible form. To not bore you too long here are the main facts you need to know. The twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 offers up to 616bhp and will send you from 0-62mph in a respectable 3.2 seconds and has a lot to offer. If you are tempted by one, the car's base price is £123,435 and orders are available now with the first deliveries set to take place in October. All is well, but I know if I had the money I wouldn't buy one.

The car is now BMW's flagship model and what a stunner it is.However, there's no denying that £123,435 price tag is a long way away from BMW's cheapest car the baby BMW 1-Series. Now although the M8 is an M car, I can't imagine many of the owners taking the car to track days to thrash around the circuit and push the car to the edge. Instead, I can see this car being used to commute in, or to cross countries (probably continents) in with one hand on the steering wheel with the cruise control set at a steady 110mph (on the autobahn of course). But out of all the fast luxury coupes would you choose the M8?

The main initial rival to the M8 is the Mercedes S63 Coupe and Convertible and in my opinion, is a hard car to beat. I think the Mercedes looks better, sounds deathly and the interior is just on another level compared to the BMW's interior. Likewise, if you wanted to wait a year or two, why not buy a used new shape Bentley Continental GT? This again is another step up to the other two with regards to everything (interior, performance, comfort and exclusivity). I think most would agree that the Bentley Conti is without a doubt one of the best luxury grand tourers on the market today and everyone would have one if they could. While also on the topic of cost, I also wouldn't buy any of the cars listed above brand new. If you look at the used market, the luxury coupe market depreciates like a tonne of bricks. A used Mercedes S63 Coupe can be easily picked up on the market now a long long way away from its original purchase price when new and the same can be said for Bentley and will probably be true for the M8. So certainly not a car to be bought for investment purposes.

Photo Credit: BMW

However, to buy an M8 only a certain client will really be tempted to buy one. For example, if you had a family why would you buy a two-door car, surely why wouldn't you buy a fast SUV like a Range Rover SVR or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Likewise, if you wanted a luxury cruiser to commute around with-what is wrong with the 'standard' BMW M840i? It's considerably cheaper, not as much of a monster to commute with and in some scenarios just as capable as the BMW M8? The only real client I can see for the BMW M8 is a single person, or a couple, who have a particular large disposable income (most likely from Chesire) and would be in the position to buy one. Or somebody who already has a particularly large collection of cars and who has the SUV has the supercar and wants something bang in the middle which the M8 fits quite comfortably.

Although I'm sure the BMW M8 will be a great car to drive and I'd go very far to be able to drive one. However, I don't see the real point in it and I will probably only see them on the roads of Cheshire and Knightsbridge.

If you completely disagree with everything I have to say and want to order an M8. That's fine-go ahead. Just remember to send me a private message when your M8 comes so we can organise a date for me to drive it.



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