L​etβ€˜s do the Classic Wall!

L​etβ€˜s do an old Clarkson, May and Hammond segment!

5w ago

T​he Cool-Wall is well known in the Clarkson, May and Hammond community. But did you know about the Classic Wall? It was a segment they did just twice on TopGear. The rules were simple: They tried to guess which cars will become future classics, and which will end up as crocks. Now quite some time passed, and its very interesting to see how some of their statements aged.

N​ow here is my idea: Why not doing it again? I will show you a car from the 2000’s and you will decide if the car will turn into a nice classic, or will become a crock. Is the car rare? Does it look good? Is it interesting? Then it will probably become a nice classic. You will have the choice over the DRIVETRIBE-Community Classic-Wall.

E​very Sunday i will post the results on this nice wall:

T​he DRIVETRIBE-Community Classic Wall

T​he DRIVETRIBE-Community Classic Wall

I​f you are interested in watching the TopGear Classic Wall, here are the YouTube links www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuZtktNBvm4 (Episode 1) www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b1odCeQxng (Episode 2)

I​ hope you will enjoy!

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